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January 31, 2013 / Christian Clansky

On the age structure of our homeless population [News, 1.31.13]

HOMELESSNESS/AGING | A very interesting new study out of the University of Pennsylvania considers the implications of the age structure of the nation’s homeless population. Using data collected from both New York City and the Census, the researchers found that the homeless population is progressively aging (HomelessHub, Jan. 2013):

Amidst concern about the implications of an aging U.S. population, recent evidence suggests that there is a unique aging trend among the homeless population…Among single adults, the bulk of the sheltered population is comprised of persons born during the latter part of the baby boom era whose high risk for homelessness has continued as they have aged. Specifically, the age group in this population facing the highest risk for homelessness was 34–36 (born 1954–1956) in 1990; 37–42 (born 1958–1963) in 2000; and 49–51 (born 1959–1961) in 2010.

The full report is definitely worth reading. While there is some data that the researchers couldn’t collect, they have enough to conclude that, among other things, the homeless population will face age-related health issues very soon. The jury is still out on whether there is another wave of younger homeless individuals following behind.

*NoteAt publishing time, the HomelessHub website seems to be down. The link is correct and should work as soon as their site is up again.

WORKFORCE | Northern Virginia Has Lowest Jobless Rate In Commonwealth (WAMU, 1/3)

EDUCATION | Committee Approves Letter Grade System For Virginia Schools (WAMU, 1/31)

ENVIRONMENT | Montgomery County’s bag tax has brought in double the projected revenue while the District’s revenue was down slightly last year. That tax seems to be working to decrease pollution, according to the Anacostia Watershed Corporation. (Examiner, 1/31)

VIOLENCE | Here’s some food for thought as the gun debate continues – the number of people who have been killed by guns in the U.S. since Newtown, which was six weeks ago. Take a guess before you click the link. (Slate, 1/31) And this is just terrible, too.

TRANSIT | According to the District’s Department of Transportation, the H Street streetcar line will open this year. They’ve made this prediction despite the fact that they don’t have a car barn for storage and they don’t have enough cars to run the route. (GGW, 1/31)

Today was a slow news day! Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow, so I’ll make my Super Bowl prediction today: the 49ers (31) beat the Ravens (28). I wonder if Beyonce will sing La Fway at halftime? 

And, here’s a really neat project. A graphic designer recreates visions from his previous night’s sleep. Very, very cool. I wish I had the talent to do that. Then you could all see what a battle between pirates and ninjas on the moon would look like. 

– Christian

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