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February 7, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Charter enrollment outpacing traditional public schools…Mental health training for Fairfax employees…Report: Homeless families treated unfairly [News, 2.7.13]

EDUCATION | The District’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (still reading?) has released new enrollment data that show charter school enrollment is far outpacing traditional public schools. There was a 10 percent jump in charter enrollment between 2011 and 2012. The chart to the right shows the stark contrast – and also highlights an overall increase in D.C. school enrollment. (WaPo, 2/7)

– Fairfax County is testing out new mental health training programs for employees, particularly ones who don’t have jobs in which such training would seem necessary. (WaPo, 2/7)

– A few years ago, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation set up an experiment in Oregon designed to track health practices of people with insurance versus people without it. The research is groundbreaking and has been awarded the Health Services Impact Award. (RWJ, 2/4). If you haven’t read the research outcomes, here’s the key take away:

People with health insurance are much more likely than the uninsured to utilize preventive services and prescription drugs, and they are less likely to incur medical debts.

HOMELESSNESS | A new report from the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless finds that homeless families in the District have a far more difficult time securing shelter than homeless individuals. The report makes a very direct point about systemic deficiencies (WaPo, 2/7):

The system’s front door has been blocked by unlawful procedures that have created almost insurmountable obstacles for far too many families trying to access emergency shelter this winter.

PHILANTHROPY | Ryan Steinbach was one of WRAG’s Philanthropy Fellows and worked with the Calvert Foundation last year. He then studied abroad in Thailand on a project that looks at social value creation and corporate responsibility. His experiences have given him a unique (and broadly applicable) perspective on cross-sector collaboration. (UnSectored, 2/5)

And because the word “Thailand” got this stuck in my head, I will get it stuck in yours, too!

CRIME | Does this title get your attention? The Study That Could Upend Everything We Thought We Knew About Declining Urban Crime. (Atlantic, 2/7)

Even if you think your ears will bleed if you hear Gangnam Style one more time, I still think you’ll enjoy this baby’s reaction to the song. Kids are really funny.

On a more serious note, the Post has a fascinating and truly scary piece on our increasing distrust of the government. It looks back over 50 years of polling data and illustrates some interesting stories about which presidents were able to increase trust in the government and which ones harmed it. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton supporters will feel validated.

Rebekah has the Daily tomorrow. Have a great weekend! – Christian

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