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February 26, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Affordable housing consequences of sequestration…New report on cultivating principals…Oscars, arts, and nonprofits [News, 2.26.13]

SEQUESTRATION | Yesterday, we wrote about the White House’s analysis of how budget cuts would affect our region. The Post follows up and says that those forecasts didn’t pay enough attention to affordable housing, the supply of which is already at “near-crisis levels” (WaPo, 2/26):

Public housing is dependent on federal funding more than any other part of local government, with the possible exception of health care, and the D.C. Housing Authority warns that sequestration could have real-world consequences very quickly.

EDUCATION | The Wallace Foundation has published a new report called Districts Matter: Cultivating the Principals Urban Schools Need:

An effective school requires an effective leader, but great principals rarely just happen. They are cultivated. This Wallace Perspective draws on a decade of foundation research and work in school leadership to show how urban school districts can play a major role in ensuring they have principals who can boost teaching and learning in troubled schools.

Related: Last year, WRAG published a paper on teacher effectiveness called How Do Teachers Become Great?

ARTS | On Sunday, local filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix won an Oscar for their documentary about how the arts guided a homeless teen to overcome her challenges. The award-related attention is boosting the profile of the nonprofit who helped turn her life around. (Chronicle, 2/24)

Sean Fine happens to be an alumnus of my alma mater, Connecticut College, and he wore some amazing RG3 socks to the Oscars! Great story all around.

SUSTAINABILITY | Gray aims high with sustainability plan; can agencies deliver? (GGW, 2/25)

GALACTIC | DCist posted a super cool night shot of our region taken from the International Space Station. (DCist, 2/26) Here’s an excerpt from my new movie script about sequestration.

Astronaut: “Hey NASA, we’re ready to come home from the space station!”
NASA: “Oh, uh, sorry. No can do. You’ve been furloughed due to sequestration. Maybe you can jump home like that Felix Baumgarnter guy?”

Rebekah and I will be at a conference tomorrow, so we won’t have a news roundup. Sorry about that. If you’re looking for a way to fill a few minutes, perhaps you can try your hand at this logic quiz.

Also, if you haven’t had enough screaming goats, here’s a great video about a possible replacement for the Wilhelm Scream in movies. See you on Thursday!

– Christian

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