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March 13, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Student proficiency rates diverge between charter and traditional public schools [News, 3.13.13]

EDUCATION | The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute has a new report that analyzes DC CAS test scores for trends. The key findings include (DCFPI, 3/13):

– The median proficiency level among all publicly funded DC schools fell slightly from 2008 to 2012.

– The typical public charter school showed improvement in proficiency, while the typical DCPS school declined.

– The typical DC schools east of the Anacostia River and in Ward 4 saw proficiency declines.

Related: Median D.C. charter school outperforms median traditional, study finds (WaPo, 3/13)

HOUSING | Yesterday’s recommendations from the District’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy Task Force have taken some flack for being too vague. Following the release, the D.C. Fair Budget Coalition made its own specific recommendations for the $100 million housing investment. (City Paper, 3/13)

DEMOGRAPHICS | As Montgomery County tries to attract Millennials through development efforts, GGW takes a look at where the county’s young adults currently live. The implications of the identified trends extend across borders (GGW, 3/13):

These maps have implications not just for Montgomery County, but the whole region. They show that the District and Arlington aren’t the only places that can attract Millennials, so long as they can be near neighborhoods near transit, shopping and jobs. While many young families are choosing to live farther out, they’re still seeking a semi-urban experience.

PHILANTHROPY | Andres Spokoiny, CEO of the Jewish Funders Network, drafted his Ten Commandments of Smart Philanthropy. (TJW, 3/12)

HEALTH | Why’d your doctor move offices? It could be Obamacare. (WaPo, 3/13) Or the office might have been haunted. Didn’t think of that, did you, Washington Post? I’ll take my Pulitzer now, please.

DAILY | Apologies to email subscribers who have been getting the Daily at 3:00pm for the last two days. Feedburner is indeed set to deliver at 1:00pm, so it is either confused by daylight savings or it’s in a state of sentient rebellion.

Hopefully it starts behaving, but the good news is that we are currently testing a fancy new delivery system that will completely blow your minds (because it will deliver on time). More on that soon.

I was going to say that hell must have frozen over considering my following recommendation, but then I remembered that Dante’s hell was ice cold at its center anyway. So I’ll say that hell must be lukewarm because I’m going to recommend…a Justin Timberlake song! Yes, I know that he has a ton of fans. I’ve never been one of them.

But the SNL performance of his new track Mirrors was phenomenal. I can’t stop listening. He sounds great and his band absolutely nails the music.

Back to Dante – this interactive site is a really cool way to explore the Divine Comedy. Arrivederci until tomorrow!

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