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March 25, 2013 / Christian Clansky

As the H Street corridor proves, revitalization doesn’t happen magically

HOUSING | Last Thursday, WRAG kicked off its Brightest Minds series for 2013 with former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros.

– Here’s part one of our recap of Cisneros’ talk. It focuses on geographic and demographic trends in housing. Tomorrow, we’ll write about Cisneros’ specific recommendations for our region’s funders. (Daily, 3/25)

City Paper’s Aaron Weiner writes about new research confirming that people want to live near public transit, which is driving up housing costs in transit-friendly areas. As he points out (and we noted in our recap), this was one of Cisneros’ major points. (City Paper, 3/24)

Why Your Skyrocketing Rent Is Bad for the Economy (Atlantic, 3/25) For me, it’s because I have less money to spend on Ninja Turtle action figures.

Related event: The Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers’ 2013 annual meeting will be held on June 11 this year. More info and registration.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT | Opinion: Oramenta Newsome and Michael Rubinger of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation wrote a great piece for the Post titled The seeds of the H Street ‘miracle’. They talk about misperceptions related to the rebirth of the H Street corridor:

In 2012, President Obama dined there twice. USA Today dubbed H Street the country’s most up-and-coming neighborhood, and Forbes rated it the sixth-hippest corridor in the United States…

Funny thing, though: This story tends to be told as if all this revitalization happened magically around 2006, like a Big Bang of Hipness.

Related: A few years ago, WRAG published a report called Beyond Dollars. H Street’s revitalization was one of the stories. Read it on page seven.

BUDGETS | According to a new study, the District has the sixth best budget in the nation. (Examiner, 3/25)

YOUTH | But it can’t figure out how to help homeless youth. Here’s more on the budget cuts to Sasha Bruce Youthwork from a WJLA news segment. (WJLA, 3/23)

AGING | Older workers suffer from long-term unemployment more than any age group (Cleveland, 3/25)

RGIII | As he heals from knee surgery, local hero Robert Griffin III is keeping his throwing skills crisp by tossing the football with…elephants! Amazing. (HuffPo, 3/25)

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I was pretty young when the USSR fell, but I have a distinct memory of it happening. It’s very strange to think of what the fall of a nation means for its people – almost incomprehensible to outsiders, I’d say. But here’s a cool collection of photographs from the USSR’s final days – the “terror, joy, and weirdness,” as the author puts it.

I’m not quite sure what to say about the snow. “Here comes Peter Cottontail, sledding down the bunny trail…?” Mother Nature better get her head on straight. To help, maybe we should all listen to some warm weather tunes – a little Toots and the Maytals, perhaps?

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