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March 29, 2013 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Money, money, money

Lots more coverage today of Mayor Gray’s proposed 2014 budget:

– Vincent Gray’s budget calls for new $1.38 billion in spending projects (Examiner, 3/29)

Vincent Gray proposes $442 million for school construction (Examiner, 3/29)

Gray, in budget, proposes $100M overhaul of MLK Library (WaPo, 3/28)

– Among all this increased spending, however, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities budget is back down to its 2012 level, after a sizable one-year bump in 2013. (City Paper, 3/28)

HEALTH | On the Consumer Health Foundation blog, Yanique Redwood considers the connection between health and money (Game Changer, 3/26):

I am always talking about money! Whether it be wages earned through work or strategies like worker-owner cooperatives that not only facilitate income generation but also wealth
building, I find myself gravitating to issues related to the almighty dollar. “Why is the leader of a health foundation always talking about money?” you ask. To which I reply, “Because access to it and all the benefits it corrals is fundamental to one’s ability to live a healthy and dignified life.”

Purple Line a Tough Sell To Many Affected Maryland Residents (WAMU, 3/28) As the segment points out, however, people might not have much to worry about after all if lawmakers don’t approve additional transportation funding.

Arlington streetcar forum gets raucous (WaPo, 3/28)

CHILDREN/YOUTH | A program at a Prince George’s County library uses the board game Monopoly to teach young people financial literacy. (WaPo, 3/29)

PHILANTHROPY | The Open Society Foundations and the Foundation Center have launched, an online portal intended to “facilitate engagement, catalyze collaboration, and promote strategic decision-making in the field of black male achievement.” Our colleague organization in New York has more information on their blog. (Smart Assets, 3/28)

This is a sport?


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