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September 27, 2013 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Improving our region through public art

– Yesterday, the Kojo Nnamdi Show featured a wide-ranging conversation on local public art and creative placemaking efforts, and how collaboration between government, artists, and community members is enhancing the quality of life in the region. (WAMU, 9/26)

– A National Endowment for the Arts survey released yesterday showed that arts participation among American adults has declined since 2008, particularly theater attendance.  (NY Times, 9/26) The article isn’t as bleak as the headline would suggest, however. Arts participation among Hispanics and African Americans has increased, and, while attendance at live performances may be declining, new technologies are allowing people to engage with art in new ways.

– The AARP Foundation has named Lisa Marsh Ryerson as its next president. She succeeds outgoing president, Jo Ann Jenkins. (AARP, 9/25) Congratulations, Lisa!

– The Washington Area Women’s Foundation has announced a new funding strategy and RFP focused on middle-school aged girls, which expands their work to improve the economic security of women and girls. More information available here. (WAWF, 9/26)

VETERANS | An area company has created an interactive video designed to help veterans learn how to better market their skill sets to make them more attractive to civilian employers. (WAMU, 9/20)

Related: A group of WRAG members recently met with an expert to learn more about the challenges that veterans sometimes face when transitioning from the military to civilian employment. Here’s what they learned. (Daily, 9/19)

– The print edition of the Post today has a special section on childhood obesity and various efforts around the country to address the issue:

What should doctors do to combat childhood obesity? (9/27)
Fighting obesity, one child at a time (9/27)
School cafeterias, vending machines trading sugar, fat for more healthful fare (9/27)

– Because of the high rates of heart disease and high blood pressure among county residents, a Prince George’s County Council member is proposing legislation that would require fast food restaurants to post the sodium content of their food. (WaPo, 9/27)

EDUCATION | D.C. education officials defend test-scoring decision (WaPo, 9/27)

THIS AGAIN?! | Surrounding jurisdictions develop shutdown game plans (WaPo, 9/27) If I were a federal employee, my game plan would include a lot of Scrabble.

There’s almost an endless number of examples of public art in this area, and a lot of it is really cool. But I certainly haven’t seen anything this cool yet.

– Rebekah

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