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October 4, 2013 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

The unintended consequences of D.C.’s affordable housing policies

HOUSING | There’s a major downside to two of the District’s policies that promote the production of affordable units in new condo buildings. Both the affordable dwelling unit (ADU) and inclusionary zoning programs do not protect owners of these units from steep increases in their condo fees. Many ADU owners are finding that they are now paying higher fees than they can afford, but, under the restrictions of the program, can’t feasibly sell their units and move either. (CP, 10/3)

Related: WRAG is hosting a Housing 101 session next week for members interested in learning more about the field of affordable housing. [More details and registration]

COMMUNITY | The Center for Nonprofit Advancement has announced the four winners of the annual Phyllis Campbell Newsome Public Policy Leadership Award. Among the four is Lafayette Barnes, director of the DC Office of Partnerships and Grant Services. The award highlights the work of public officials who “have gone above and beyond in partnership with the nonprofit sector to ensure more vibrant communities.” (CNA, 10/3) Congratulations, Lafayette!

TRANSIT | DDOT is really working hard to get the H Street streetcar running by the end of the year, but they still aren’t committing to an opening date. (WAMU, 10/3)

REGION | At $66,433, the real GDP per capita of the Greater Washington region makes this the seventh most productive metro area in the country. (Atlantic, 10/4)

HEALTH | Government continues streamlining new health exchanges (WaPo, 10/4)

Greater Greater Education takes a closer look at the controversy around the spike in D.C. students’ standardized test scores. (GGE, 10/3)

Ex-officials of Options Public Charter deny wrongdoing but cut financial ties to school (WaPo, 10/4)

Adult charter schools must now track outcomes (GGE, 10/1)

SHUTDOWN | I really didn’t want to include anything about the government shutdown today, but WAMU was really digging for some new news and came up with the fact that two astronauts are still tweeting from space, despite pretty much all of NASA being furloughed. And they are tweeting some pretty amazing photos. (WAMU, 10/4)

If Congress won’t let us kill time watching our own cute baby animals, we’ll have to make do with this vicious little lion cub in Serbia instead.


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