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October 30, 2013 / Christian Clansky

The Greater Washington region is officially majority minority

A new report from the Center for Regional Analysis highlights huge demographic shifts in the Greater Washington region over the last five years. The biggest takeaway? The region is now “majority minority,” meaning that less than half of the total population is white (WBJ, 10/30):

Per the report, the region’s Hispanic population rose by 32.7 percent between 2007 and 2012 — a staggering 51 percent in Loudoun County alone — and the population of “other” ethnic groups (American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian, other Pacific, some other race, and two or more races) grew by 29.1 percent.

Over that same five year period, the region’s white population rose by a mere 1.5 percent, and the black population by 5.9 percent. Montgomery, Prince George’s and Fairfax counties, and the City of Alexandria all saw declines in their white population.

Related: Last year, demographer Dr. Jim Johnson was a featured speaker in WRAG’s Brightest Minds series. He spoke on what shifts in racial demographics mean for the region. Check out Rebekah’s recap of that event. (Daily, 3/21/12)

EDUCATION | Over the last four years, local nonprofit Higher Achievement has been conducting a study of after-school and summer programs that use mentors to help disadvantaged students. The results of this study show “substantial and sustained academic gains.” Of note, this is credited with being one of only a very few randomized, controlled studies on out-of-school time programs. (EdWeek, 10/25)

NONPROFITS | Opinion: Earlier this week, the Post featured a major investigation into nonprofit fraud. Tim Delaney, head of the National Council on Nonprofits, takes issue with the report and says that it provides a slanted view of the social sector. He offers suggestions for how nonprofits can better educate the press. (Chronicle, 10/30)

HEALTHCARE | Further down the political rabbit hole… (WaPo, 10/30)

WORKFORCE | Boomer job seekers face less competition (WSJ, 10/30)

TRANSIT | The District’s proposed K Street streetcar line, which might realistically be running by 2316, has a new video featuring a virtual ride. You get a sense of what the line might be like (if D.C. looked like Tron). The soundtrack features soothing music that…. (CP, 10/30)

“Majority minority” is a funny phrase. It sounds like either an 80s hip-hop group or a Gilbert and Sullivan song.

Anyway, today marks the 75th anniversary of the day that Orson Welles convinced a million people that aliens were invading. It’s one of the great stories of the power of mass communication, and you can enjoy the full experience here!

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