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November 5, 2013 / Christian Clansky

Measuring the success of mixed-income housing

In 1993, the Department of Housing and Urban Development gave a $25 million grant to a District group to replace an existing public housing project with mixed-income housing. The project was an experiment that many observers expected to fail, based on an expectation that middle-class residents wouldn’t want to live with lower-income ones. The critics seem to have been wrong, but the model isn’t perfect either (WaPo, 11/4):

Fourteen years later…and the city’s first social experiment with mixed-income housing has become a model for other developments, even if it made only a modest contribution toward solving the District’s affordable housing problem.

The development did not replace public housing units on a one-for-one basis. When the Ellen Wilson project was demolished, most of its former residents never made it back into the townhouses that took its place.

Today, there’s a waiting list of 600 families for the development’s subsidized units — and the District closed its waiting list for housing assistance in April with more than 70,000 names.

Elevation DC profiles a new commercial kitchen taking shape in Takoma Park to serve small and low-income food entrepreneurs who are unable to pay the rates commanded by the few commercial facilities in the region. The project is an interesting example of committed organizations and individuals working together to secure public and private capital to promote economic empowerment in one corner of our region’s food system. (Elevation, 11/5)

Gleaning and feeding: Using leftovers from markets to feed the homeless (WTOP, 11/5)

EQUITY | The Kellogg Foundation released a new report that explores in detail how a focus on racial equity would benefit the nation’s economy. (WKKF, 11/3)

ELECTION | Virginians are at the polls voting for a new governor and lieutenant governor. The Post has live updates of the race. (WaPo, 11/5) As a D.C. resident with no voting stake in the race, I’m not going to miss the mudslinging ads that have been running every 30 seconds on my TV. At all.

EDUCATION | Can we close the gap in Montgomery’s schools? (GGE, 11/5)

ARTS/CULTURE | Could our region get a museum of science fiction? An effort is underway to make it so. (CP, 10/5)

GROWTH | How will the Silver Line affect growth in Fairfax? (LT, 11/5)

Don’t you hate it when you’re getting ready to skydive and your plane collides with another one mid-air? It’s the worst. NBC has scary footage of this happening, involving nine divers and two pilots who all miraculously survived!

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