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January 6, 2014 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Promoting STEM to minority students in Montgomery County

– In an op-ed, two Montgomery County-based business leaders explain why, in a region that has become a hub for STEM companies, it is critical to boost interest in science, technology, engineering, and math among the county’s rapidly growing population of minority youth (WaPo, 1/6):

Unfortunately, the scientific and technology potential for [minority] students is being left largely untapped. Only 11 percent of Maryland’s African American eighth graders and 18 percent of Hispanic eighth graders are deemed proficient in science, according to the National Assessment for Educational Progress.

This must change — for the benefit of these students and, more broadly, for the future of science and technology companies within the region. We need a minority-based youth movement to push Montgomery County and our region forward in STEM education. Our collective challenge is to attract more students to STEM-related subjects through engaging, accessible and innovative platforms that appeal to the youth on their terms. Doing so fosters goodwill with our students, benefits our communities and advances the critical products and technologies that can make a meaningful difference to the health and welfare of the broader population.

Improving middle schools will be a priority for schools chancellor Kaya Henderson in 2014-15, but first DCPS will seek community input on how best to do so. (WaPo, 1/6)

YOUTH | Students are pushing for officials at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria to implement a restorative justice program in response to the disproportionately high rates of suspensions among African American and Latino students. (WaPo, 1/5)

CSR | The American Express Foundation’s Tim McClimon explains five trends to watch in the field of corporate social responsibility in 2014. (CSR Now, 1/6)

Related: Tim McClimon is the lead faculty member for the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility, which kicks off January 23. There are still a few seats remaining. CSR professionals: click here to find out more about this new professional development offering from WRAG and Johns Hopkins University.

ECONOMY | Local leaders offer the Post their predictions for the D.C. region’s economy in 2014. The overall gist, per the Greater Washington Board of Trade’s Jim Dinegar: “It won’t be good, but it will be better.” (WaPo, 1/5)

WORKFORCE | Maryland legislators are seeking to raise the state’s minimum wage this year, which would impact 466,000 workers. (WAMU, 1/6)

POVERTY | 50 Years Later, War on Poverty Is a Mixed Bag (NY Times, 1/4)

HIV/AIDS | A Resisted Pill to Prevent H.I.V. (NY Times, 12/30)

This guy’s Facebook friendship with an Applebee’s franchise is pretty hilarious.

Christian will be back writing the Daily tomorrow. In the meantime, stay warm out there!

– Rebekah

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