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January 27, 2014 / Christian Clansky

Huge progress in Virginia’s plan to end homelessness

Three years ago, Virginia began a statewide push to end homelessness. In the past 100 days, advocates have helped more than 500 families move from homelessness to permanent housing. These efforts are being recognized as game-changers. Can we replicate them in D.C. and Maryland? (WaPo, 1/28):

Under the leadership of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 33 social service organizations in Virginia spent three years studying the best ways to end homelessness. Their research left them focused on rapid rehousing, a strategy of providing short-term rent subsidies in the belief that once a family has a roof over its heads, it can tackle the problems that led it to lose housing in the first place.

Related: The New York Times ran a big feature on the housing market, and it uses one home in Prince George’s County to tell the story. (NYT, 1/26)

WORKFORCE | The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released workforce demographic projections for the next ten years. And when I say ten, I actually mean eight because 2022 is only eight years away. Oh my goodness. Anyway, the general trend is for the workforce share to rise in the 55+ age group and fall for younger groups. (BLS, 1/24)

WRAG | We’re hiring! Are you a creative thinker, problem solver, and dynamic networker? If so, WRAG’s new Community Connections Manager position might be the perfect fit! Read more about this exciting new opportunity here!

POLITICS/POVERTY | Opinion: Tomorrow night’s State of the Union Address is expected to touch on wealth inequality in the United States. In order for his address to be effective, one advocate says that the president must focus on education opportunity. But he’s worried that “the president will slip from an accurate diagnosis to unproven and ineffectual treatments.” (WaPo, 1/27)

PHILANTHROPY | Opinion: Earlier this month, a handful of foundations pledged $330 million to help save Detroit from financial ruin. In an op-ed, William Schambra says that this pledge could be Pandora’s box (Chronicle, 1/27):

The extraordinary “give” is the commitment of private funds to sustain public pensions, the sort of grant making that foundations have resolutely refused to do in the past. This may come back to haunt them, with so many other American cities facing financial difficulties every bit as daunting as Detroit’s.

COMMUNITY | It always stinks when you want to buy eighteen boxes of Thin Mints, but you only have four bucks in cash. This year, Capital One is supporting Girl Scout troops in Virginia and D.C. by giving them the Spark Pay app so that they can accept credit cards. Hallelujah! (WaPo, 1/27)

Last year, I nearly chopped off my finger doing a manly construction project (or building a headboard). Walking to the emergency room, I found a Girl Scout troop and stopped to buy a ton of cookies. Bad move. Literally every person I encountered at the hospital asked if I was planning to share. I just pretended that I was in shock and couldn’t understand them.

Did you all watch the Grammys last night? Me neither! But I did watch this video of a 2 year-old skateboarding. His parents are nincompoops for not putting a helmet on him, but he doesn’t really look like he needs one.

And in the realm of more serious things…just kidding, it’s Monday. Let’s keep it light. Here’s Bad Lip Reading’s latest offering – More NFL. Make sure you wait for the dance at the end!

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