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February 12, 2014 / Christian Clansky

What’s the economic value of a high school diploma?

– Millennials are “the best-educated generation in history.” Take that, ancient Greeks! A third of millennials have college degrees, which is helping them earn much higher salaries. At the same time, the median income for current 25-32 year-olds has barely changed – and for an alarming reason. According to a new study from the Pew Research Center (NYT, 2/12):

The reason…is that even though a college degree is worth more, a high school degree alone is worth a lot less. Its value, in terms of wages, has declined enough to cancel out almost all the gains by all the millennials who have earned four-year degrees.

What do the jobless do when the benefits end? (WaPo, 2/12)

FOOD | Of the new Agricultural Act of 2014, the White House says, “This is not your Father’s Farm Bill.” Sheesh, fine, I’ll tell him that he can’t have it.

But what does the new law, which was five years in the making, mean for the residents of the Greater Washington region? Lindsay Smith, WRAG’s consultant to the Washington Regional Convergence Partnership, shares some thoughts. (Daily, 2/12)

– At a D.C. Council hearing yesterday, representatives from the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute and the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless called for the city to completely overhaul the New Communities affordable housing strategy. (WaPo, 2/12)

– Despite the District’s broad failure to create successful homelessness and affordable housing strategies, one bright spot has been the success of a program to combat homelessness among the local veteran population. (WAMU, 2/12)

AGING/POVERTY | This might seem like old news, but two studies have come up with different projections for the senior poverty rate in the coming decades. Unfortunately, both studies predict significant increases. (Reuters, 2/12)

– As the District strives to improve Anacostia, a debate is underway about the appropriate balance between historical preservation and new development. (WaPo, 2/12)

– Georgetown University announced a $10 million gift to create “a new center aimed at fostering innovation among students who want to build skills and organizations to solve society’s problems.” Georgetown’s program will be unique in the academic world because, unlike similar programs at other schools, it won’t be a part of a business school. (WaPo, 2/12)

WEATHER | About this time last year, meteorologists…wait, can I complain for a second about how their job has absolutely nothing to do with meteors? Thanks. Anyway, last year, they predicted a blockbuster storm and we got some rain. Let’s see what happens tonight. Either way, the City Paper has a forecast that is spot on. (CP, 2/12)

I’m not sure why this made me laugh so hard, but The Atlantic collected a series of videos about the Bridge of Death in North Carolina. Since 2008, the low-clearance bridge has decapitated at least 67 trucks.

And for some gasps, check out these photos documenting how dangerous figure skating can be. Here I thought that curling was the most dangerous sport!

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