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May 21, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

D.C. prepares to open three new charter schools in 2015

Three new charter schools are scheduled to open in 2015, thanks to approval from the D.C. Public Charter School Board. Among them – a residential school for children in foster care, a K-8 school for students with special needs, and a middle school focused on international studies. Advocates of public schools, however, remain underwhelmed about potential pitfalls of charter school growth. (WaPo, 5/21)

The changes would add hundreds of charter school seats across the city, many of them meant for at-risk youths who have few good educational options.

But the expansion also sparks questions about whether it makes sense for the board to continue approving new charters — which now enroll nearly half the city’s students — without regard for their location or their impact on the traditional public school system.

– The evolution of student learning has taken us from those tiny, blue calculators to fancy tablets in classrooms across the region. With so much emphasis on digital instruction, new concerns have risen about the need for such innovation in local classrooms. (WaPo, 5/17)

Task Force Recommends Pushing Maryland Schools Start Date to After Labor Day (WAMU, 5/20)

VETERANS │ Over 50 percent of veterans feel their needs are not being met by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, according to a recent poll. Most veterans agreed that benefits should not be reduced, regardless of budget deficits. (WaPo, 5/21)

POVERTY │A much closer glimpse at what gentrification truly means: The Overwhelming Persistence of Neighborhood Poverty. (CL, 5/20)

REGION │ Recent data shows that in order to purchase a home in the Washington metro area, a person would have to earn $78, 503.56 a year. (WBJ, 5/20)

COMMUNITY  On Friday, May 30th, join people across America in wearing green to serve as vocal and visible “proofpoints” for past, present and future first generation college graduates. Wearing green is intended to show support for the thousands of kids who have yet to begin the journey of being a first generation student, or those who are currently on it and may feel alone. You can visit to download a “how to get involved” resource guide. Thanks to WRAG member Julia Baer-Cooper for sharing this info with us.

Riding the Metro rail will get just a little more confusing


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