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May 23, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

A big push for arts in education

The White House recently hosted a talent show featuring students from schools around the U.S. that had been chosen for a new federal arts education program. First Lady Michelle Obama appealed to the audience that arts education is an essential component of traditional education, rather than a perk only for well-performing schools. The program will soon be expanding across the country. (WaPo, 5/19)

Encouraged by the results so far, including higher reading and math scores and fewer disciplinary problems, Mrs. Obama announced that the program is being expanded this year from the original eight schools to 35 schools in 10 states — Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, California, Illinois, Minnesota — and the District of Columbia.

–  The ‘1 Percent’ isn’t America’s biggest source of inequality. College is.  (WaPo, 5/23)

– Venture Philanthropy Partners has released a report on the first two years of their youthCONNECT initiative that captures best practices and lessons learned for others considering similar collaborative efforts. (VPP, May 2014)

A proposed new bill seeks to reduce the affordability period of subsidized housing from 15 years to five years. The bill could continue to minimize the dwindling amount of affordable housing presently available in transforming neighborhoods including Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights and Bloomingdale. (GGW, 5/22)

The 15 year limit helps maintain a stock of low-cost units for current (and future) low-income home buyers, and helps keep affordable housing in neighborhoods whose prices might rapidly rise.

– San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro may soon succeed Shaun Donovan as head of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Housing Secretary Donovan would become the new budget director overseeing the Obama administration’s policies and spending. (HP, 5/17)

NONPROFITS | Tax Credit Stalemate Leaves Nonprofit Projects in Limbo (Chronicle, 5/22)

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