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June 2, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Direct care workers walk fine line between burnout and unemployment

As the population of older Americans continues to grow steadily, healthcare workers face a number of obstacles. Many feel underprepared upon graduating from training programs and are often underpaid once they become employed. One nurse aide trainee’s struggles are examined in this profile. (WaPo, 5/31)

Even if she got a job and worked full time, her income would still qualify her for food stamps. She would still be unable to afford her own apartment. She would likely burn out before she saved up any money. Within a year, most nurse aides return to the ranks of the unemployed, back into the economic churn, choosing uncertainty over the one certain career in a low-wage recovery.  

Related: Last year, we published What Funders Need to Know: Quality Care = Quality Jobs, which takes a look at how direct care jobs can be improved in order to better support workers, as well as ensure better care for our rapidly aging population. (Daily, 6/25)

With nearly 30 percent of the student body at Ketcham Elementary in SE D.C. experiencing homelessness, faculty and staff face a unique set of challenges to accommodate youth. (WAMU, 5/30)

When D.C. General is Your Last, Best Option (WAMU, 5/30)

Growing up at D.C. General: How Kids Cope with Shelter Life (WAMU, 5/30)

– Students at five elementary schools in D.C. are being taught compassion and kindness by…babies! The infants come to classrooms as part of the Roots of Empathy program that is new to the U.S. after decades of success in Canada. (WaPo, 6/1)

Planned Takeover of Virginia Schools in Holding Pattern (WAMU, 6/1)

FOOD │ In Montgomery County, the link between farmers and restaurants may become a lot stronger due to a push by the Department of Economic Development. (WTOP, 6/2)

EVENT │ Grantmakers for Education is hosting a one-day event in D.C. for funders on June 30th entitled Transforming the Learning Ecosystem: Putting Personalized Learning Within Reach for All Learners. More information and registration is available here.

MIT may have just developed a solution for tiny apartments.


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