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June 11, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

School nutrition remains an ongoing debate

The struggle for consensus on school nutrition standards wages on as the GOP proposes a bill allowing schools to opt-out of current meal standards, and the White House warns it will veto if passed: (WTOP, 6/11)

The GOP spending bill would allow schools to waive the school lunch and breakfast standards championed by first lady Michelle Obama for the next school year if they lost money on meal programs over a six-month period. The House is expected to consider the legislation as soon as Wednesday.

Montgomery County high schools will not be adopting a later start time, as a lack of positive feedback prompted the school superintendent to ditch the proposal. The plan was originally suggested as a way to allow students to get more rest, thereby improving school performance. (WAMU, 6/10)

– Parents in the revitalized Capitol Riverfront neighborhood have rallied together in order to revive a previously closed DCPS building. Van Ness Elementary is now said to be reopening in 2015, but for many of the parents seeing is believing. (GGE, 6/10)

 In this piece, Tamara asks how we can encourage more national foundation investment in our region and reflects on the characteristics of our region that seem to be deterring national foundations from giving here. (Daily, 6/11)

Related: On Thursday, WRAG member CEOs are invited to join us for a Coffee & Conversation featuring Dr. Alan Abramson speaking on this very topic.

– A study conducted by ABFE and the Black Philanthropic Network seeks to find why the number of black professionals in philanthropy is so low. (NPQ, 6/9)

OpinionTo Conquer AIDS, Philanthropy Must Fight the Injustice it Thrives On (Chronicle, 6/10)

SIBs │ New Study Offers Advice on Setting Up Social-Impact Bonds (Chronicle, 6/8)

Here’s a great, big guide to outdoor music this summer…and it’s all free!


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