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June 16, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

The search for the right D.C. school boundary proposal continues

As school boundary proposals continue to float around the D.C. Advisory Committee on Student Assignment, questions arise about the quality of schools that will be available to students. Additionally, the committee has tasked itself with providing a solution that will increase diversity and reduce inequity for D.C. students. (GGE, 6/16)

[…] to the mystification of some, the members of D.C. Advisory Committee on Student Assignment didn’t limit themselves to fixing overcrowding and correcting irrationalities in the assignment system. They also tried to promote diversity and address inequities in the school system as a whole, through policies designed to distribute middle-class students more widely and break down the isolation of high-poverty schools.

– Once deemed a consistently low-achieving school by the federal government, T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria revamped their approach to students and saw some major improvements. Yet some are wondering how much support is too much support. (WaPo, 6/13)

REGION Co-locating affordable housing on county buildings may be one possible solution to make housing more attainable in Montgomery County’s District 1. (WAMU, 6/13)

PHILANTHROPY Opinion: Steve Forbes, Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Magazine, offers up his take on how philanthropists should be better supported in their efforts. (WaPo, 6/16)

– The Washington region comes in second behind New York City for the most farmers’ markets in a metro area. (WBJ, 6/13)

– A bill before the D.C. Council is aiming to turn several vacant lots into urban farms. Some, however, are wondering who would pick up the tab and what would be done about the inevitable rodents. (WAMU, 6/13)

ARTS │ An artist is planning to submerge a solar-powered “gas station” in the Anacostia River to bring attention to rising sea levels due to carbon-fueled climate change. (CL, 6/13)

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