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July 9, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Determining the fate of the Federal City Shelter

The fate of the Federal City Shelter – a building more than 70-years-old housing five service providers assisting 1,350 homeless individuals – is being examined as the federal requirements that kept it operating in this way will soon expire. Service providers include the Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV), the John L. Young Center for Women, DC Central Kitchen and Unity Health Care. (DCist, 7/8)

To know what should replace the building, [Patty Mullahy] Fugere said there needs to be more data on who currently uses the shelter. She shared the following stat: At CCNV, 50 percent of residents are chronically homeless; 56 percent have a disability or disabilities; the average age is 53; 10 percent have an income; the average stay is 33 months.

The stats were similar for the John L. Young women’s shelter.

– In an effort to generate revenue for their schools, some districts in the area have pondered (and/or shut down) plans to build cell phone towers atop school buildings. (WaPo, 7/7)

Connecting school spending and student achievement (WaPo, 7/9)

– A panel discusses the continued competition among charter schools and traditional public schools amid Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s call for coordination. (WAMU, 7/8)

Opinion: The ongoing transportation wars raise questions as to whether new bike lanes and a potential new bike escalator reveal further economic and racial disparities in the District. (WaPo, 7/8)

Opinion: In response to the Op-Ed above that raises questions about bicycling unveiling hidden biases in the District, another columnist calls for empathy in an ever-evolving city. (GGW, 7/9)

YOUTH │ Ward-by-ward, DC Action for Children offers ten facts derived from their snapshots of the well-being of children in the District. (DC Action, 7/9)

Do you think you could name all of the Metro Stations in the area?


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