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July 30, 2014 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

A quick look at D.C.’s economy

The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute has “Four Quick Facts on D.C.’s Economy and Its Impact on Residents,” a brief glimpse at how people are getting by in the city. The key findings showed a number of areas for improvement, particularly with regard to the high cost of living. (DCFPI, 7/29)

Poverty affects one in five DC residents. For a family of three, that means living on less than $19,090 a year. Children under the age of 18 are much more likely to live below the poverty level than adults. And one in four black DC residents and one in five Hispanic DC residents live in poverty compared with under one in 10 white non-Hispanic residents.

– The Hattie M. Strong Foundation has an 86-year history rooted in building close relationships with those they serve. Such a long and successful history doesn’t come without a little revamping along the way, however.  Here, you can read about how they embraced change and learned some key lessons along the way. (NCFP, 7/29)

– A recently retired leader in philanthropy makes some thoughtful reflections about the future of the sector and what needs to happen in order to continue to press forward. (HuffPo, 7/28)

– From foundation president to zen practitioner, Brian Byrnes shares his perspective on philanthropic practices and the flaws that threaten success in this podcast as he makes his transition out of a leadership role in the sector. (Chronicle, 7/30)

– As Montgomery County sees a surge in immigrants from Central America, the school system focuses on how to accommodate the more than 100 unaccompanied minors who have recently been enrolled. (WTOP, 7/30)

– DCPS and charters are sparring over joint planning, but the real question is how to preserve neighborhood schools (GGE, 7/ 29)

YOUTH/FOOD │ In places like New York City, Baltimore and Waco, TX, where many children qualify for free or reduced meals during the school year, mobile delivery systems – or food trucks – are being used as part of the summer meals program for a fun and convenient way to bring healthy foods to children. Maybe we’ll see a few in D.C. soon. (WTOP, 7/29)

REGION │ Prince George’s And Fairfax Counties on Shortlist for FBI Headquarters (WAMU, 7/29)

This year, a Georgetown grad may just be the youngest congressional candidate.


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