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August 4, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Parents and children learn together at D.C. charter school

As research indicates that children in poverty experience lasting negative effects from stress that can hinder their learning, Briya Public Charter School in D.C. enrolls parents in classes along with their children to learn English and parenting skills. (WaPo, 8/3)

Such programs provide support and training for parents to learn English, earn a degree or train for a better-paying job at the same time their children are taking their first steps or learning to read. Advocates hope they can give adults the ability to learn skills that will allow them to seek better jobs, earn more money and be more effective teachers for their children.

Six reasons not to put too much weight on D.C.’s standardized test results (GGE, 8/4)

PHILANTHROPY Opinion: Although most can agree that investing in nonprofit human capital is essential to the success of the programs organizations offer, it’s surprising how few foundations focus their efforts in this area. According to research from the Talent Philanthropy Project and the Foundation Center, from 1992-2011 the annual average of investments in nonprofit talent by the thousand largest foundations in the U.S. was only 1.24 percent of total grant dollars. So who is investing in nonprofit talent? The Meyer Foundation made the list. (Talent Philanthropy, 7/28)

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
 recently announced $3.3 million dollars in investments over the next three years to organizations committed to addressing factors that contribute to improved birth outcomes and infant mortality rates. Proposals from such organizations are being accepted until September 15th. (CareFirst, 7/31)

– Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS) and CrisisLink in Northern Virginia have joined forces to deliver mental health services on a broader scale, as the number of those suffering from mental illness has risen over the years in the community. The merger comes about after both organizations launched a successful 60-day pilot program to test the collaboration. (WaPo, 8/1)

Related: WRAG members are invited to an upcoming brown bag discussion for funders interested in mental health or substance use disorders hosted by our Health Working Group on Tuesday, August 26th.  The brown bag will be a great opportunity to meet and network with colleagues interested in issues related to behavioral health and to share your own work in this area. We will also ascertain whether there is an interest in developing learning opportunities around specific behavioral health issues or programs at WRAG.

CSR The Coming End of Corporate Charity, and How Companies Should Prepare (Forbes, 7/9) Pretty scary title, right? But some great food for thought. (A big thanks to Abby Goward from Bank of America’s Global Corporate Philanthropy team, and 2014 Institute for CSR participant, for sharing this recent article.)

YOUTH │ Like D.C., Chicago has experienced high and low periods of crime and violence over the last several decades. As the media reports on the issues facing major cities, the message is usually one of despair and pessimism. A fifth grade class from Chicago’s south side came together to write an op-ed about the parts of the city the media typically doesn’t report on. (NPR, 8/2)

And now, 12 secrets for your next visit to Chipotle. You can thank me later!


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