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August 15, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Virginia schools face changes in accreditation status

In Virginia, around one-third of public schools may not be eligible for full accreditation this fall due to low scores on reading and science in standardized tests. School officials say the results come about as Virginia has greatly increased the standards for performance over the past three years in an effort to prepare students for college and employment. (WaPo, 8/14)

Officials estimate that 600 or more of the state’s approximately 1,800 schools could be “accredited with warning” next month — an exponential increase from five years ago, when 15 Virginia schools had the downgraded status.

HEALTH │ As a physician, what happens when the behavioral health clinics you refer youth patients using Medicaid to keep closing all over D.C.? You open your own – the Congress Heights Life Skills Center. (WBJ, 8/14)

Related: WRAG members are invited to an upcoming brown bag discussion for funders interested in mental health or substance use disorders hosted by our Health Working Group on Tuesday, August 26th at 12 PM.  The brown bag will be a great opportunity to meet and network with colleagues interested in issues related to behavioral health and to share your own work in this area. We will also ascertain whether there is an interest in developing learning opportunities around specific behavioral health issues or programs at WRAG.

McAuliffe announces $2.4 billion projected budget gap in Va.; blames Defense cuts 
(WaPo, 8/15)

The Washington Area Women’s Foundation offers an in-depth look at the political participation and representation of women in the Washington region (WAWF, 8/14)

– As Bethesda preps for a downtown revamp, a city official discusses ideas for more affordable housing, redeveloped public spaces, and plans to attract millennials on The Kojo Nnamdi Show. Here is the audio and transcript. (WAMU, 8/14)

ARTS │ In an interesting example of using public art to promote economic development, Ballston will launch an exhibit called “Public Displays of Innovation” through 2015. (WCP, 8/14)

PHILANTHROPY │ Though many foundations are accustomed to being independent leaders, a number of them have shown the greater impact that can happen through funder collaboration. The Butler Family Fund and Open Society Foundations are used as examples of what can happen when foundations join forces in this blog post. (Fluxx, 8/11)

HOMELESSNESS │ When we talk about the side effects associated with a lack of sleep, we tend to focus on those of us who have a bed to sleep in and are distracted by technology or thoughts about the next workday. But what about those who are homeless? Sleep deprivation can lead to myriad health issues on top of the stress of being without permanent shelter. (CityLab, 8/14)

WORKFORCE Nearly 40 Years of Unemployment Can Be Summed Up in This 1 Gif (In The Capital, 8/14)

Happy birthday, Capital Beltway! You crazy road, you!

– Ciara


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