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September 3, 2014 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Preparing for the future of the nation’s older adults

The AARP Foundation and the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies released their new report, “Housing America’s Older Adults: Meeting the Needs of an Aging Population,” at a release event held yesterday. The event featured a panel and speakers including Vivian Vasallo, Vice President of the AARP Foundation, and The Honorable Henry Cisneros, Executive Chairman at CityView and former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The report focuses on the sobering fact that, by 2030, the population of Americans age 50 or older will swell to 132 million, and as such a number of housing needs and supports will need to be in place with them in mind. (JCHS, 9/2)

There is still time for the nation to prepare for the evolving needs of older adults by expanding the supply of housing that is affordable, safe, and accessible; providing opportunities for older adults to connect socially yet live independently; and integrating housing and long-term care services to support those aging in private homes. These changes will improve not only quality of life for older adults, but also the livability of communities for people of all ages.

The full report can be found here. Also, be sure to check out this great infographic accompanying the report.

Where Are All the Baby Boomers Going to Live? (City Lab, 9/2)

HOMELESSNESS  │ With the upcoming winter predicted to be a harsh one, officials in the District are bracing the city for the estimated 16 percent increase in homeless families that will need to be sheltered. Currently, it is projected that every family shelter in the city will be at capacity by December. (WaPo, 9/2)

CSR │ Lori Vacek, Foundation Manager at the Freddie Mac Foundation (and a participant in the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility), offers her take on why the Institute has been a breath of fresh air for those engaged in making a difference through their work. (Daily, 9/3)

PHILANTHROPY │ Opinion: Could you be a foundation leader living in a bubble of “positive illusions,” in which constructive criticism from those in need of the assets you oversee may be held back from you because, well…you’re a foundation leader? Perhaps an important, yet overlooked factor in successfully bringing about change is in gaining honest, open feedback from grantees. (Chronicle, 9/2)

WORKFORCE │ Study Finds Arlington ‘All About the Jobs’ for Young People (ARLnow, 9/2)

POVERTY │ A longitudinal study of 790 first-graders in the Baltimore public school system from middle-class and poverty-stricken areas, conducted by sociologists from Johns Hopkins University, produced some fascinating results concerning generational poverty and race. The study began in 1982 and followed the students over the following 25 years. (WaPo, 8/29)

Before they turned 18, 40 percent of the black girls from low-income homes had given birth to their own babies. At the time of the final interviews, when the children were now adults of 28, more than 10 percent of the black men in the study were incarcerated. Twenty-six of the children, among those they could find at last count, were no longer living.

A mere 4 percent of the first-graders […] classified as the “urban disadvantaged” had by the end of the study completed the college degree that’s become more valuable than ever in the modern economy. A related reality: Just 33 of 314 had left the low-income socioeconomic status of their parents for the middle class by age 28.

NONPROFITS │ Fair Chance, an organization that supports nonprofits through a core partnership program, network services and executive transition management, is currently recruiting promising youth-serving nonprofits to receive up to 500 hours of free capacity building support valued at $50,000. Eligible nonprofits can apply to join their 2014-15 partner cohort and receive a year of free, customized organizational consulting services designed to increase their impact and sustainability. Nonprofits should click here to check for eligibility and apply. Applications are due by Friday, September 12, at 6 PM.

Have you taken your 20-minute walk today?

– Ciara

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