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September 17, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Anacostia residents show strong attendance at neighborhood meetings despite doubts about effectiveness

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings
. Much like other areas in the city, many involved residents of the Anacostia neighborhood have their pick of the litter when it comes to what neighborhood meeting to attend on any given night. But in an area that has been slow to change, some wonder how helpful attending neighborhood meetings really is. (GGW, 9/16)

While the cliche of Washington being a “transient city” holds true in certain sections of town, Anacostia and areas east of the river have a core of activists that have outlasted changes in local leadership.

“The community has had the same issues for decades,” says Angela Copeland, a resident of old Anacostia for more than two decades. “But, we get a fresh crew of bureaucrats every election cycle and start again from scratch. ‘What does Anacostia want/need?’ You can go crazy after a number of years having this same darn conversation.”

– Tonight, former D.C. mayor, Marion Barry, will debut a documentary he produced titled, “Ward 8 – The Past. The Present. The Future,” which puts the spotlight on the city’s poorest area. The event will take place in southeast D.C. at THEARC (Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus). You can register here. (NBC Washington, 9/17)

– We already know that District residents move to the city from all over the country, but where are they going when they leave? According to a recent report, not very far. The highest out-migration from D.C. is into Maryland. (WBJ, 9/16)

HIV | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will launch a new national HIV awareness campaign at southeast Washington’s United Medical Center today. The campaign, called “HIV Treatment Works,” aims to show people how the disease can be managed. (WTOP, 9/17)

– After a four-year vacancy with no one in the position, the new D.C. education ombudsman is kicking off the school year fielding a number of complaints from families. Around half of the complaints coming in are from families in wards 7 and 8 regarding concerns about behavioral issues, discipline, special education, and more. (WaPo, 9/16)

Three in 10 Virginia schools lack full accreditation; students struggle with tests (WaPo. 9/16)

– In a four-part series, WAMU explores issues facing those in poverty and captures their stories. As the series continues, you can check out “Yesterday’s Dropouts,” focusing on the millions who don’t finish high school in the U.S., or “Military Children,” which asks what we can learn from the education of children whose parents serve in the military. (WAMU, 9/16)

NONPROFITS | In this interview, Rick Moyers, vice president for programs and communications at the Meyer Foundation,  speaks on investing in nonprofit leadership. (Social Velocity, 9/2014)

Today is Constitution Day! Celebrate by doing a much better job on this quiz than I did!

– Ciara

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