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September 23, 2014 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

New legislation could strengthen tenant purchasing law in D.C.

– New legislation could prevent a repeat of the recent debacle in which low-income residents of an apartment building in Mount Vernon Triangle were informed they’d need to come up with more than $800,000 per unit in order to maintain their residency. The situation last summer prompted city officials to find ways to address gaps in the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act. (WCP, 9/23)

Opinion: A proposed bill could work to restore the District’s commitment to affordable and mixed-income housing to the benefit of residents from all income levels, if passed. (GGW, 9/22)

– Plans to create additional affordable housing in Arlington County under the “Public Land for Public Good” initiative have been met with opposition as residents in the area contemplate preserving parkland and the importance of creating a greater balance of affordable housing across the county. (ARLnow, 9/22)

Opinion: Completing college is a major accomplishment for any student,typically filled with tales of cramming for exams and eating copious amounts of processed food. But for many students at elite colleges who come from poverty, the struggle to remain in school can take on an entirely different level of difficulty, as socioeconomic backgrounds are often magnified at full view. (NYT, 9/22)

Record number of public school students nationwide are homeless (WaPo, 9/22)

CSR | What Dogs Can Teach Us About Corporate Social Responsibility (Forbes, 9/22) Spoiler alert: much more than you’d expect.

COMMUNITY | Grants Managers Network has issued a call for papers for their online journal, GMNsight. Their next issue will be published on a rolling basis in November, and is unthemed and open for all issues and ideas related to grantmaking. Please review the call for papers with your colleagues and consider writing something that will help inform and advance grantmaking for the entire field.

DISTRICT | You Need to Make $688,000 Annually to Be a One-Percenter in D.C. (DCist, 9/23)

Not one, but two teachers in the Washington region recently won big on Wheel of Fortune!

– Ciara

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