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September 24, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Services for women veterans lag behind

With a surge in the number of women veterans, services geared toward their unique needs have struggled to keep up with demand. A new report by the Disabled American Veterans, a veterans services organization, highlights the ways that men and women may differ during and after terms of service. (WSJ, 9/24)

As of March, women made up about 210,000 of the 1.79 million veterans who have served since 2001, according to the report. About 14% of active-duty service forces today are female, vs. 8% in 1980.


A third of VA medical centers lack a gynecologist on staff, the report says. About one in five women veterans report having experienced military sexual trauma, including rape, yet 31% of VA clinics lack staff to provide adequate treatment, according to the Institute of Medicine, an independent nonprofit.

Women who have lost limbs face unique challenges, like needing multiple adjustments to prostheses during pregnancy to accommodate changes in weight and balance. Female veterans more often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than their male counterparts, yet VA facilities “have difficulty providing gender-specific peer support, group therapy, residential rehabilitation,” the report says.

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– Ciara

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