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October 8, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

District home health-care complaints pour in

An FBI investigation into widespread Medicaid fraud in the District led to a number of arrests and the proper redistribution of taxpayer dollars at the beginning of the year, but many patients in need of home care also saw their services greatly reduced as a result of the raid and the city suspending payments to 13 home health-care agencies . Officials disagree on what has caused a decline in services rendered. (WCP, 10/8)

In the more than seven months since the raid, the Legal Counsel has received 43 cases regarding complaints about home health services through Medicaid. In the same time period last year, there were just seven cases. And the pace of complaints doesn’t appear to be slowing down significantly, with seven new ones in the past month and a half.

– How can philanthropy work to address health disparities? Discover the root causes of disparities and fund preventative health(Arabella Advisors, 10/6)

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | Mayor Gray Announces District Has Invested $1.3 Billion in Affordable Housing; On Track to Exceed Goal of 10,000 Units (, 10/8)

– New teachers in Prince George’s County will now be a part of a program that will pair them with experienced teachers in order to receive support and peer evaluation. The school system hopes that the program will help to improve teacher retention rates. (WaPo, 10/8)

– A new online college financial aid comparison tool is now available to weigh the net cost of higher education. (InTheCapital, 10/6)

Changes to DCPS Special Education Services Pass Unanimously (WAMU, 10/8)

– Day laborers, who often wait for hours in the parking lots of hardware stores competing with others for an opportunity to earn wages, can typically feel alone and unprotected by the law when something goes wrong on the job. Some organizations are working to change that, but could the District be doing more to protect these workers? (WaPo, 10/7)

EQUALITY | The Reflective Democracy Campaign has released data on the gender and race of America’s elected officials making a strong case for the need for stronger representation in office. (WhoLeadsUs, 10/8)

DISTRICT | Goodbye Parking Lots, Hello D.C.’s Fastest Growing Neighborhood (NextCity, 10/7)

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