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October 28, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Disconnected youth in the U.S.

Despite a slow, but persistent economic recovery in America, one demographic does not seem to be seeing an increase in opportunities – young people between the ages of 16-24 who are neither enrolled in school nor presently employed, often referred to as “disconnected youth.” (WaPo, 10/27)

Some economists have suggested young Americans have been victims of larger labor trends. As employment in middle-skill jobs has declined, young Americans are facing greater competition for jobs from less-skilled adults who were laid off from their previous jobs.

Research has also linked disconnected youth to poverty and crime. A 2012 analysis of the group for the White House Council for Community Solutions attributes 63 [percent] of youth crime to disconnected youth and cost taxpayers -in the most conservative estimates – nearly $14,000 a month, per young person.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | Records show, the D.C. government has not collected on a number of delinquent loans once intended to bolster the affordable housing in the city. The delinquent loans, for millions of dollars, have been on city books throughout multiple mayoral administrations and have continued to accumulate. (WaPo, 10/25)

– Brian Castrucci, Chief Program and Strategy Officer at the de Beaumont Foundation, looks beyond recent Ebola outbreak scares to share what he is really afraid of – the lack of minimum national standards for state and local health departments, which often results in a strained public healthcare workforce. (HuffPo, 10/27)

With Obamacare, More Millenials Are Going to the Doctor, Sort of (NPR, 10/28)

PHILANTHROPY | Donors Care More About How Money Is Spent Than Results, Study Says (Chronicle, 10/28)

You’re not dressing up as a witch again this year, are you? Here are some more of America’s most popular Halloween costumes from the last five years.

– Ciara

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