Post-Election Day edition

DISTRICT | Election Day 2014 is behind us and the numbers are in. You can get detailed breakdowns of area election results here and here.

The D.C. Council saw some big changes, as three new members were elected with a fourth coming on through a special election next year, after the victory of mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser. The new members will replace 41 years of lawmaking experience combined. (WaPo, 11/5)

The new members could give a distinctly progressive tilt to a council that within months will be faced with hashing out a $300 million soccer stadium deal, tackling a housing affordability crunch and passing a $6 billion city budget. [Charles] Allen, [Brianne] Nadeau and [Elissa] Silverman campaigned on good-government platforms, positioning themselves as change agents in the John A. Wilson Building.

COMMUNITY/CSR | Congrats to WRAG members Wells Fargo, ExxonMobil, and Bank of America for being named in a list of the 10 Companies Donating the Most Through Corporate Giving. (Causecast, 10/6)

FOOD | Research from the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences found that there are extreme differences in the dietary habits of babies from varying socioeconomic classes. The study found that babies from poor and less-educated households tend to eat high fat, high sugar diets while babies from rich, well-educated households usually consume foods that closely followed infant feeding guidelines. (WaPo, 11/4)

– Setting up spend-down foundations, aka “giving while living,” is growing in popularity in the philanthropic community. The New York Times takes a look at how the Atlantic Philanthropies plans to spend down $1 billion, making their final grant in 2016. (NYT, 10/31)

– As a number of large and small victories have been won in the fight for LGBTQ equality, donors contemplate how the movement and its priorities will shift in the near future without losing momentum. (Chronicle, 11/3)

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | The Next Housing Crisis May Be Sooner Than You Think (CityLab, 11/4)

REGION | Prince George’s County will soon roll out a new advertising campaign in an effort to increase investment and lift public opinion of the area. Prepare to “Experience. Expand. Explore.” (WaPo, 11/4)

What will Google think of next?

– Ciara