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November 17, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

The Washington AIDS Partnership unveils new website

The Washington AIDS Partnership is proud to announce the launch of its brand new logo and website! The website features a new look and more user-friendly navigation. Come take a look.


According to a recent report, test scores in D.C. have improved for both low-income and more affluent students. Supporters and critics of the city’s education reform have long debated on what drives up the data on scores.(GGW, 11/14)

While DC officials have touted increases in test scores as a sign that education reforms are working, critics have argued that DC’s changing demographics are behind the improvements. They say an influx of more affluent students has driven up the scores while the gap between those students and lower-income minority students has remained as wide as ever.

But a recent independent study concludes that low-income and minority students have improved their scores as well. Controlling for factors like race and income, it concludes that less than 10% of the increase in overall scores is due to DC’s changing demographics.

DISTRICT | In September, it was announced that federal funding for the Healthy Start program, which aims to reduce the infant mortality rate, was going to be cut drastically. Recently, however, Mayor Gray announced the Health Resources and Services Administration’s decision to restore support. (WaPo, 11/13)

– A potential strategy in the race to provide more affordable housing in metropolitan areas? Look no further than aging office buildings. (WaPo, 11/14)

Blighted Anacostia Building Reopens as Condos (WCP, 11/14)

TRANSIT | From Anacostia to Tysons: Many ride Silver Line long and far to jobs in Virginia (WaPo, 11/16)

PHILANTHROPY | Over the past decade, a number of foundations have invested more than $300 million into organizations geared toward immigrants’ rights and reform, including WRAG member Open Society Foundations. The New York Times has put their work into the spotlight as President Obama prepares to announce some major overhauls. (NYT, 11/14)

Hotel toiletries – do you take them, leave them, or steal them?

– Ciara

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