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December 8, 2014 / Ciara Myers, Editor

Arlington County looks to address overcrowding in schools

As Arlington County projects a hefty increase in middle school students by 2019, officials debate over the right way to address overcrowding in the ever-expanding school system. (WaPo, 12/7)

Arlington County will have 1,300 more middle school students by 2019 than it has today and — if nothing is done — not enough classrooms to put them in, according to county school officials.

Like many Northern Virginia school systems, Arlington’s student population is growing rapidly. This year, enrollment increased an unprecedented 5.2 percent, exceeding the district’s projections by 300 students. Two of the high-performing system’s middle schools are over capacity.

– Having a criminal record, even a misdemeanor charge, can prohibit individuals from being eligible for a number of much-needed services. For some, not having a chance at affordable housing can mean living on the streets due to a minor offense. (WAMU, 12/6)

– Opinion: Is the District’s Homeless System Ready for Winter? (HillRag, 12/6)

COMMUNITYThe Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, Raise DC’s Youth Employment Change Network, and the DC Workforce Investment Council are undertaking a survey of local funders to begin to map investments in youth workforce development programming. The completed map will then illustrate the fullest possible scope of the local youth workforce development system, mapping providers, funding levels, types of services offered, and the overall number of youth served through these programs. Funders of youth services in the District can find more information and access the survey.

WORKFORCE | 2014: The Year When the Job Market Finally Turned the Corner (NPR, 12/5)

Traveling during the holiday season and on an empty stomach? It turns out that the region’s airports have some of the healthiest dining options available.

– Ciara

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