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February 24, 2015 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

New website details spending in D.C. schools

D.C. Public Schools has released a new, interactive website with detailed information on how schools spend their money and the demographics of enrolled students. (WaPo, 2/23)

D.C. Public Schools created an interactive Web site where you can see where money goes and compare spending with other schools. The site includes detailed information about demographics of enrolled students, staffing and salary information, and changes year to year.

Officials hope the new data center will be useful for principals, parents, and advocates, and start more and more informed conversations about school spending.

Suspended students lose millions of days of instruction while out of school (WaPo, 2/23)

FINANCE/PROGRAMMING | This year, WRAG will be launching new programming geared toward the needs and professional development of foundation finance staff. To learn more about this exciting endeavor, check out this post from WRAG’s Katy Moore. (Daily, 2/24)

– Scientists studying ocean acidification are finding that ocean water in parts of the world, including some of our not-so-distant shores, is becoming more and more acidic. The change could potentially endanger shellfish over time. (NPR, 2/23)

– The District is ramping up its anti-littering campaign by delivering the message to some of the city’s youngest residents. By teaching school kids not to litter, the city hopes to allocate money that is spent cleaning the streets into other areas. (WAMU, 2/23)

(Sort of) Related: The ocean isn’t the only body of water that needs protection. On Thursday, March 19th at 10:30 AM,  WRAG invites members interested in how philanthropy can meet the challenges and opportunities of a cleaner Anacostia River to a special meeting. To learn more and to register, click here.

HOMELESSNESS/DISTRICT | Does D.C.’s Rapid Re-Housing Program Live Up To Its Promise? (WAMU, 2/20)

HEALTH | Prince George’s County residents in underserved areas will soon have access to necessary care via the “Wellness on Wheels” mobile health clinic. The clinic is a collaboration between the county Department of Public Health and Doctors Community Hospital. (Gazette, 2/24)

POVERTY | Instead of the Income Gap We Should Be Talking About the Wealth Gap (CityLab, 2/19)

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