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April 20, 2015 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Regional population growth sees decline

New census figures indicate that population growth (excluding births) in the Washington region is slowing down dramatically. Federal spending cuts and suburban decline are among a number of possible causes for the slow down in migration to the area. (WaPo, 4/16)

After decades of expansion, new census numbers show that population growth in the Washington region has slowed dramatically, with Fairfax County, Arlington County and Alexandria seeing more people move out of those communities than move in over the past year.


Even in the District, a city of about 650,000 residents where condos are popping up across the skyline and newly fashionable neighborhoods are quickly becoming unaffordable for longtime residents, net migration went down last year — from about 10,000 in 2013 to half that.

AARP has released a new online tool that ranks U.S. neighborhoods on their livability for older Americans. The tool weighs a number of significant factors to determine the probability of  successfully aging-in-place on a scale of 0-100. (WaPo, 4/20)

– Do the unfortunate realities of inequality suddenly dissolve when one becomes a senior citizen and experiences the same changes a person from any economic background would – less dependence, lack of mobility, inability to work? Sadly, no. The Atlantic takes a look at how disparities often persist for many Americans throughout a lifetime. (Atlantic, 4/20)

MARYLAND/TRANSIT | A new report estimates the economic benefits for Maryland suburbs if the Purple Line project is given the go ahead. (WaPo, 4/20)

INEQUALITY | This chart explains everything you need to know about inequality (WaPo, 4/20)

– With exorbitant prices for often low-quality land for agricultural use, many farmers in the District are looking toward new legislation to make urban agricultural growth easier and more economical. (WAMU, 4/17)

Opinion:  Many celebrities and public figures have signed on to participate in food stamp challenges in recent years. One writer questions if a recent challenge gone wrong has actually done more harm than good in raising the awareness of the plight of poverty. (WaPo, 4/18)

Wait a minute…is that Yoda in that 14th century manuscript?

– Ciara

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