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September 10, 2015 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Concerns grow around an academic gender gap

In the District, an imbalance in the enrollment of female and males students has left some local education officials concerned about a growing academic gender gap. The prevalence of this imbalance is also growing across the nation. (WaPo, 9/10)

An academic gender gap — with women outperforming men — is increasingly defining education nationwide. Young women are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college. Female students began to outnumber males on college campuses in 1979, and now account for about 57 percent of college enrollment, according to federal data. An annual abundance of female applicants has led many private colleges to offer affirmative action for male applicants.

– Most of the District’s new housing is located in the center of the city, creating a situation where almost all new housing is high-rise apartments that most residents and potential residents cannot afford. (GGW, 9/9)

– In Arlington  County, candidates for County Board discussed the divisive debate surrounding bringing more affordable housing to the area. (ARLnow, 9/9)

The Complicated Link Between Gentrification and Displacement (City Lab, 9/8)

COMMUNITY/PHILANTHROPY | The Meyer Foundation is hosting  an online forum to gather community input on its draft strategic plan. Meyer will use what they learn through the forum conversations to ensure that their goals and direction align with the broader community’s vision for the future. Participants can sign into the forum to join in before the conversation wraps up Wednesday, September 16.

HIV/AIDS | A newly-released study on HIV/AIDS in D.C. finds that, after implementing a needle exchange program in 2008, the average monthly rate of new HIV infections fell about 70 percent among drug users. Further, the study estimates that 120 new HIV infections were averted over a two-year period. (WaPo, 9/3)

IMMIGRATION | The Washington Post takes a look at one family’s physical and emotional journey from Central America to Maryland one year after the region began to see a surge in undocumented children. (WaPo, 9/9)

RACIAL EQUITY |  New research takes a look at the ways in which less privileged racial groups are often dehumanized in the minds of more privileged groups, and the social implications those beliefs can bring about. (City Lab, 9/9)

JOBS | The Meyer Foundation is recruiting for two program officer positions! You can click here to find out more about the opportunities.

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