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October 26, 2015 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

New report considers the perspectives of black and African American youth in Montgomery County

A new report commissioned by The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region examines the perspectives of black and African American youth in Montgomery County, and offers recommendations for improving their circumstances within the community and school system. The report follows a similar study on Latino youth in the county from last year. (WaPo, 10/22)

The report’s four main recommendations include that the school system work with others to lower dropout rates and close the achievement gap for African American students and that the county create “a coordinated array of services and supports” to reconnect youths to education and the workforce.

Click here to access the full report, Connecting Youth to Opportunity: How Black and African American Youth Perspectives Can Inform a Blueprint for Improving Opportunity in Montgomery County, Maryland.

EDUCATION/VIRGINIA | Virginia’s Divide in School Funding is One of the Nation’s Worst (The Half Sheet, 10/22)

DISTRICT/HOMELESSNESS | For many people, a storage unit is simply a place to drop off items you don’t want to look at for a while. For some others, a storage unit is a place to take refuge from the outside world. In D.C., one such storage facility, where a number of homeless individuals have taken up shelter, is set to be demolished. (WaPo, 10/22)

CSR/ENVIRONMENT | Tim McClimon, president of the American Express Foundation and head faculty member for the Institute for CSR, discusses how his company works to minimize its operational impact on the environment. (American Express, 10/26)

– A recent study looked at the disparities in the usage of online health tools by patients with chronic kidney disease. Those who were black, older, poor, or unmarried were more likely to lack access to e-health interventions that could help improve their conditions. (WAMU, 10/23)

There Were Fewer Black Men in Medical School in 2014 Than in 1978 (WAMU, 10/24)

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– Ciara

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