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October 29, 2015 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

The ups and downs of D.C. arts funding

A new study examines data from arts and cultural social profit organizations in several cities, including the District. According to the study, individual giving to the arts in D.C. is up, as government and foundation funding to the arts is down (DCist, 10/28):

D.C. was one of three cities, along with Boston and Cleveland, that actually saw an increase in individual giving during the timespan, boasting a 42 percent change in revenue. Along with Boston, the District is the only area that coupled that bump with an increase in Board giving.

A less positive bucking of the trend was the change in foundation funding. While most cities saw a boost, D.C. dealt with the second-largest decline—a nearly 48 percent decrease.

| Patricia N. Mathews, WRAG board chair and president and CEO of the Northern Virginia Health Foundation, was recently honored by NOVA ScriptsCentral with the Inspire Award, presented to an individual or organization that helps those in the community make a difference in the lives of those impacted by health inequality. Congratulations!



EDUCATION/EQUALITY | Most advocates for education reform likely agree that greater education access can lessen inequality in the U.S. Historically, however, increased educational opportunities have been slow to bring about true equality. (Atlantic, 10/29)

HOUSING38-Percent of DC One-Bedrooms Rent for Above $2,000 (Urban Turf, 10/28)

– New data from the American Cancer Society show a sharp rise in the incidence of breast cancer among African American women. Researchers remain concerned about persistent disparities in health and access to quality care for African American women as survival rates for white women have improved over the last few years. (NYT, 10/29)

Community Health Workers Can Reach Some Patients That Doctors Can’t (NPR, 10/29)

JOBS | Fauquier Health Foundation is hiring for a Program Officer. To learn more about the position, click here.

Finally…research that puts sibling rivalries to rest once and for all.

– Ciara

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