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November 11, 2015 / Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Virginia meets veteran homelessness goal

Governor Terry McAuliffe is set to announce that Virginia is the first state to meet the federal definition of putting an end to military veteran homelessness. According to a point-in-time count from 2014, Virginia had 620 homeless veterans. (WaPo, 11/11)

The federal homelessness designation means Virginia has no homeless veterans with the exception of those who have been offered housing, but don’t want it. The state must find a home for a veteran within 90 days and have more homes available than the number of veterans who have been identified as having no place to live.

– The District is said to be well on its way to ending veteran homelessness in the city by the end of 2015. According to officials, D.C. has met 80 percent of its goal thus far. (WAMU, 11/11)

White House Announces In-State Tuition For U.S. Veterans, Families (HuffPo, 11/11)

– The Commonwealth Institute has released a new report exploring how budget cuts have left Virginia schools with fewer staff positions that have not kept up with the pace of enrollment, much to the detriment of students’ growing needs. (The Commonwealth Institute, 11/10)

How Parental Incarceration Affects a Child’s Education (Atlantic, 11/11)

PHILANTHROPY/SOCIAL PROFITS | The 2015-16 Catalogue For Philanthropy, featuring 76 social profit organizations in the Greater Washington region, is now available.

ARTS & HUMANITIES/HEALTH | Harvard Medical School has recently become a part of an emerging trend among institutions that have encouraged students to take part in arts and humanities courses in order to improve their skills in empathy and observation. (Boston Globe, 11/2)

Enjoy some 19th century comedy stylings.

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