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January 11, 2016 / Ciara Myers, Editor

A look back at WRAG in 2015

WRAG | 2015 proved to be an exciting year for WRAG and our members. Check out our 2015 Year Book to see how we continued to strive to inspire, influence, and innovate through our work.

ARTS | Arts funders convened at WRAG last month to discuss strategies for advancing equity and diversity in the arts. Here are a few of the ideas that rose to the top. (Daily, 1/11)

Exponent Philanthropy has released their 2016 Foundation Operations and Management Report, detailing how foundations work to create change and the seven strategies their members use to bring about outsized impact. (Philanthrofiles, 1/11)

–  Hill-Snowdon Foundation executive director Nat Chioke Williams shares his thoughts on the power of young leaders (like those recently recognized in The Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s 40 under 40 list) and how he thinks philanthropy needs to change in order to achieve the future that these leasers have envisioned. (NCRP, 1/5)

CSR | Tim McClimon, president of the American Express Foundation and head faculty member for the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility, shares his  2016 predictions for CSR trends. (American Express, 1/4)

SOCIAL PROFITS | A recent survey of social profit communications staff finds that while many are generally satisfied with their jobs, nearly half of those surveyed plan to leave their positions within two years due to on-the-job frustrations that cause them to feel restless. (Chronicle, 1/8) – Subscription required

HOUSING | The Growing Trend of Affordable Housing Impact Statements (City Lab, 1/8)

The man who sent the first email thinks we should all send less emails.

– Ciara

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