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March 22, 2016 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

Report reveals racial disparities in selective Montgomery County academic programs

– A new report finds significant racial disparities in the acceptance rates among selective academic programs at public schools in Montgomery County (WaPo, 3/22):

At the high school level, for instance, the report found an acceptance rate of 45 percent for white students applying to selective programs studied, compared with 39 percent for Asians, 23 percent for Hispanics, 19 percent for African Americans and 11 percent for low-income students.
Community leaders called the data deeply troubling, saying it reflects diminished opportunities for minority students at a time when the fast-growing school system is increasingly diverse.

How Can Schools Identify The Most Effective Teachers? Just Ask The Students (WAMU, 3/21)

COMMUNITY/POVERTY | The Consumer Health Foundation‘s Kendra Allen interviews Sequnely Gray, Community Engagement Coordinator for So Others Might Eat and a TANF recipient, about her experience advocating for families on TANF and the impact of benefit time limits on families. (CHF, 3/21)

ENVIRONMENT | An investment into a D.C. company affiliated with the Nature Conservancy may give a needed boost to a program designed to incentivize incorporating stormwater retention into new developments. Stormwater runoff contributes to the pollution of the area’s waterways. (CityLab, 3/18)

DISTRICT | Superior Court judge sides with D.C. lawmakers on control of locally-raised dollars (WaPo, 3/18)

HOUSING | Why it seems impossible to buy your first home (WaPo, 3/22)

What a cute family!
– Rebekah

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