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August 2, 2016 / Rebekah Seder, Editor

How gentrification affects neighborhood segregation

RACE/HOUSING | Many recent studies have sought to explain the complicated relationship between gentrification, segregation, and displacement in U.S. cities. One researcher has found that, in some cases, white residents moving into predominantly black areas merely shifts the boundaries between predominantly white and black neighborhoods, rather than creating more diverse neighborhoods. (CityLab, 8/1)

Such findings about the nature of racial “boundary movements” could lead to some stark conclusions, especially in the context of the limited body of academic research into the processes behind neighborhood change.

“One of the arguments is that gentrification can’t be that bad if it serves to desegregate urban areas. And we have a lot of evidence that segregation is bad,” says [researcher Jonathan] Tannen… “But if gentrification continues to happen by boundary movements, then that means the block level is never going to desegregate.”

NONPROFITS | At last month’s Nonprofit Summer Learning Series event, grantmakers shared their perspectives on how grantees can foster relationships with their funders after receiving the check. (Daily, 8/2)

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CSR/COMMUNITY | Congratulations to Tim McClimon, head of the American Express Foundation and lead faculty member of the Institute for CSR, for being named to the Nonprofit Times’ 2016 Power & Influence Top 50 list!

HEALTH | In his latest column, the de Beaumont Foundation‘s Brian Castrucci points out the shortcomings of focusing only on health care, rather than health. (HuffPo, 8/1)

WORKFORCE/SOCIAL SECTOR | Here’s a great breakdown of the important new overtime law going in to effect in December, how nonprofits can be prepared, and how funders can support them. (NWB, 8/1)

PHILANTHROPY | Foundations Ask Public for Messages of Hope in Major Newspaper Buy (Chronicle, 7/31) Check out #ReasonsForHope on Twitter.

LOCAL | Major flooding destroyed much of downtown Ellicott City, MD, this weekend. Here’s a round up of ways you can help. (WBJ, 8/1)

Tired of heat and humidity? Then plug in your headphones and enjoy this quasi-virtual reality visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. It helps, a little.

WRAG’s staff is participating in a professional development opportunity over the next two days, so the (Almost) Daily WRAG will be back on Friday.

– Rebekah

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