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September 27, 2016 / Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz, Editor

White House Urges Smarter Zoning to Address Affordable Housing

– The Obama administration is urging cities to update zoning regulations to address affordable housing issues in D.C. and around the country. A Housing Development Toolkit outlining policy changes and other regulatory fixes has been released by the White House to encourage developers to set aside more of their projects for affordable housing.  (WBJ, 9/26)

The District has embraced or is trying to tackle many of those tools, including inclusionary zoning, and the Bowser administration has proposed investing $100 million to create or preserve affordable housing units. But the District is facing a housing crisis that is increasing, not decreasing, according to the report. The District saw a 31 percent increase in family homelessness last year, the report noted citing data from local homeless coalitions, amid a 14 percent increase in overall homelessness.

– Enterprise Community Partners connects the dots between health and housing in their latest blog post. (Housing Horizon, 9/12)

Related: WRAG also took a look at the connections between housing and health a while back as part of our What Funders Need to Know series of issue briefs. Check it out here.

– D.C. Court Backs Low-Income Renters In Fight With Developer Over Building (WAMU, 9/27)

RACE/HISTORY | Upon the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture this past weekend, WRAG’s Tamara Copeland reflects on museum director Lonnie Bunch’s 2013 talk to the WRAG community about the importance of understanding history. (Daily, 9/27)

EVENT | On October 20th, EPIP-DC is hosting a panel discussion titled Race, Power, and Opportunities for Emerging Leaders that will be exploring issues related to racial equity in philanthropy within the DC Metro Area. WRAG’s Tamara Copeland will participate on the panel along with Nicky Goren of The Meyer Foundation and Nat Williams of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation.

– The Washington Monument has been shut down indefinitely due to continuing problems with the elevator. (WTOP, 9/26)

– Automatic Voter Registration One Step Closer To Law In D.C. (dcist, 9/22)

REGION | Frederick, MD is looking more and more like an urban suburb of Washington, D.C. (Washingtonian, 9/23)

ENVIRONMENT | Environmental officials in Maryland have proposed new, “stringent” fracking regulations. (WTOP, 9/27)

– Do Charter Schools With Extreme Disciplinary Measures Cluster in Black Communities? (CityLab, 9/15)

 What do parents want? A good school, not too far, and some other kids that look like them (GGW, 8/31)

PHILANTHROPY | The Urban Institute recently published a new study called State Regulation and Enforcement in the Charitable Sector, that looks at charity regulation efforts state by state. (NP Quarterly, 9/19)

Check out this cool virtual overview of how the National Mall became what it is today – Buffy

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