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March 7, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

Northern Virginia free medical clinic inside mosque serves all

– A Northern Virginia free medical clinic operating out of a mosque is helping many residents who are unable to afford healthcare (Virginia is one of many states that did not expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act). ADAMS Compassionate Healthcare Network has been open for three years and has seen over 2000 patients of various backgrounds. (WaPo, 3/6)

“It’s for anyone,” said Bazigha Hasan, one of the founders. “There is so much need, and we have people who want to give.”

It’s that simple for Hasan, whose day job is at Fort Myer, where she is a civilian doctor to those serving our country. At the clinic, many of her patients can’t afford medical care.

The mosque donates only space, not money. And the clinic doesn’t take any government funding, so it can treat anyone. Although the clinicians don’t keep track of patients’ religions, it’s easy to see they care for people from all sorts of backgrounds. Since the clinic opened in 2014, they’ve treated nearly 2,400 patients, 62 percent of them women.

– House Republicans have released the health care plan that will replace the Affordable Care Act. Here’s a breakdown of the plan. (WAMU, 3/7)

RACIAL EQUITY | Hanh Le, executive director of Weissberg Foundation, and Yanique Redwood, president and CEO of Consumer Health Foundation, have collaborated to reflect on a recent Brightest Minds session about the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable. They discuss the benefits of the Greater Buffalo approach and recommend modifications so that it may apply to the Greater Washington philanthropic sector as we develop a racial equity strategy. (Daily, 3/7)

IMMIGRATION | Amid uncertainty around a new travel ban and the administration’s immigration policies, two counties in Maryland and Northern Virginia are equipping themselves with more resources. (WaPo, 3/6)

HOMELESSNESS | Opinion: Jobs won’t solve homelessness. Housing can. (WaPo, 3/3)

CIVIC ENGAGEMENTSo Many Teachers Requested Off On ‘Day Without A Woman’ That Alexandria Schools Will Close (DCist, 3/6)

INCOME | According to a recent Brookings Institution report, the Greater Washington region has the second highest median income in the country. (WBJ, 3/6)

Happy National Pancake Day!

– Kendra

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