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April 19, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

Georgetown University confronts its history of slavery

– Georgetown University recently hosted a ceremony for the descendants of the slaves it sold to pay its debts in 1838. The school held the program to rename a building in honor of the enslaved and to apologize to their families. (WaPo, 4/18)

The descendants have found various connections to Georgetown and to their ancestors since learning about their past. For many, it sparked genealogical searches, sometimes with brutal emotional impact.

“For most African Americans, we kind of know in an abstract sense that our ancestors were enslaved, but that information is not normally easily obtained in a direct way,” said Carlton Waterhouse, a lawyer hired by one of the descendant groups who is asking Georgetown to involve the descendants more in planning a memorial or other forms of recognition. “It just becomes a lot more real for people once they find out who their ancestor was, how they were enslaved, where they were enslaved. I think that information is shocking for everyone. And then the second step is finding out that your church actually enslaved them.”

– A walking tour of the District’s LeDroit Park maps the history of segregation in the area. (WAMU, 4/17)

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY | Tom Bartlett, senior manager of Global Corporate Citizenship at the Boeing Company, discusses why his organization has partnered with WRAG to help nonprofits understand why community investment is important to companies. (Daily, 4/19)

Related: There’s still time to register for WRAG’s Fundamentals of CSR Workshop on April 27-28. Hear from a network with more than 15 of our region’s most generous companies. Learn how to identify and engage corporate partners and design more effective corporate fundraising strategies.

– A new study finds a connection between the rise in unemployment and the rise in opioid deaths. (Citylab, 4/18)

– Maryland will consider a resolution to determine which snacks and beverages should be in vending machines in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties’ parks. (Bethesda Beat, 4/18)

NONPROFITS | The future of AmeriCorps and the community service efforts it funds are in jeopardy due to the administration’s budget proposal. (Chronicle, 4/18)

CENSUS | The Census is in danger of being underfunded. (WaPo, 4/18)

RFP | Compass is accepting applications for pro bono consulting service to nonprofits. Click here for more information.

IMMIGRATION | First DREAMer With Protected Status Deported (LAist, 4/18)

Turns out paper can beat rock (and possibly scissors).

– Kendra

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