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April 20, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

Loudoun County’s children need more suppport

CHILDREN & FAMILIES | This week, Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) of Northern Virginia discussed the release of a new report, Resilient Children, Resilient Loudoun!, on Northern Virginia Health Foundation‘s blog. The report includes an assessment of the needs of Loudoun County’s vulnerable children and the resources available to them and their families. In addition, the report includes recommendations for addressing the issues identified (NVHF Blog, 4/17):

  • Increase community outreach to underserved and isolated families. Many highly committed service providers are working to support families and youth, but because of budget constraints, language and cultural barriers, and stigma-related fears, families who need their help often don’t even know that services and resources exist.
  • Make supports and services more accessible to parents. As the first and primary caregivers for their children, parents are key to preparing young people for the world. But stress and anxiety are pervasive among families struggling to cover basic needs such as housing and childcare. Families need more behavioral supports to help them cope with daily stress and prevent more serious mental health problems.

ENVIRONMENT | Cecily Kihn, executive director of the Agua Fund, and Megan Gallagher who serves on the Fund’s Board of Directors, give an update on fracking in the region and discuss how the philanthropic sector can address it. (Daily, 4/20)

EDUCATION | This Virginia school is providing its students with a traditional education while also teaching them how to be an American Muslim. (WAMU, 4/20)

HOUSING AFFORDABILITY | Potential homeowners in large metro areas, including in our region, find down payments to be the biggest obstacle to buying a home. (Citlylab, 4/18)

WORKFORCE | DC-area contracted airport workers win a living wage after two years of advocating for higher wages. (DCist, 4/19)

Metro GM proposes ‘new business model’ and $500 million a year in extra funding to save D.C.-area transit agency (WaPo, 4/19)

– Opinion: Cyclists react to a new DC proposal to fine cyclists for wearing headphones in both ears while biking around the city. (GGWash, 4/19)

ADVOCACYOn 4/20, DC marijuana advocates plan provocative protests (WTOP, 4/20)

This would probably scare me if I lived in the 1600s…

– Kendra

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