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May 31, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

The possible end of a protected immigration status worries many

– Temporary protected immigration status is granted to individuals from a another country when their country becomes extraordinarily unsafe for them. Part of the Haitian and Salvadorian population in our region have this status and a recent Department of Homeland Security decision has caused them to worry that they will be forced to return. (WTOP, 5/29)

Many see an ominous sign in the Department of Homeland Security’s May 22 decision to grant only a six-month extension of “temporary protected status” for nearly 60,000 Haitians instead of the standard 18 months.

The administration said it needed more time to decide whether Haiti had sufficiently recovered from its devastating 2010 earthquake. But officials suggested Haitians in the program should get their affairs in order so they would be ready to return home.

– These grantmakers came together to form the New Americans Campaign to help immigrants become citizens. Now they are advising other grantmakers on how to help in an increasingly anti-immigrant world. (Chronicle, 5/30 – Subscription needed)

BUDGET | The DC Council has preliminarily approved a budget that invests in housing and homelessness programs. (WCP, 5/31)

HOUSING | An interactive map shows the cost of rent for housing near metro stations in our area. (DCist, 5/.30)

WORKFORCE | Bridging the Economic Divide: The Black Workers Center in Washington DC (PolicyLink, 5/26)

– Yes, commuting by bike is good for the environment, but it’s also good for your mental health. (Citylab, 5/26)

 MedStar Health no longer in the running for D.C. Medicaid contract (WBJ, 5/26)

TRANSIT | Northern Virginians are mostly in support of a region-wide sales tax to help fund Metro. (Richmond Times, 5/29)

Cicadas aren’t that bad, said none of these people.

– Kendra

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