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June 12, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

Alexandria searches for a solution to its low-income housing problem

HOUSING | 36 years ago, Alexandria, VA promised to replace any housing unit that is demolished. Due to the growing cost of construction and the limited options to finance low-income housing, some are looking to review that promise. (WaPo, 6/9)

Changing Alexandria’s 36-year-old promise to preserve the number of housing units for its poorest families at affordable rents would break a social compact, affordable housing advocates say.

“At the time this law was passed, it was never envisioned that public housing authorities would be losing their funding from the federal government,” said Michelle Krocker, executive director of the Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance. “We need to be sure any solution provides housing in perpetuity for these extremely low-income people, because we know these are the hardest populations to serve.”

POVERTY | A new nonprofit that provides furniture to formerly homeless DC residents launched last week. (DCist, 6/9)

– Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, the District’s male-only high school, takes stock of its progress after a year of operating. (WaPo, 6/11)

– What Philanthropy Has Done Right — and Done Wrong — on Charter Schools (Chronicle, 6/12 – Subscription needed)

TRANSIT | Metro Access users, who are disabled or elderly, are unsatisfied with the duration of their rides and wait times. (WaPo, 6/10)

NONPROFIT | Congratulations to DC SCORES for being the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s 2017 AIM for Excellence Award finalist for outstanding achievement in organizational management. You can register for the AIM award presentation on June 20 here.

VETERANS | A Congress member is ordering a formal review of the District’s VA Medical Center. (NBC4, 6/9)

Virginia remembers Loving v. Virginia on the case’s 50th anniversary.

– Kendra

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