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June 19, 2017 / WRAG

A new way for parents and teachers to support students together

– A new parent engagement style is slowly replacing the traditional parent-teacher conference. Academic Parent-Teacher Teams, where teachers and parents meet in a large group setting at least three times a year and teachers equip families with tools to reinforce classroom concepts, are operating in DC schools. Local grantmaker, Flamboyan Foundation, has helped bring the model to 30 schools in the District. (WaPo, 6/18)

…They discuss how students are performing on key measures such as reading comprehension and mastery of math concepts. Parents leave the meetings with games and other activities they can use at home to reinforce classroom learning.

“The traditional parent-teacher conference is isolationist,” said Maria Paredes, a former teacher who created a model in 2012 known as Academic Parent-Teacher Teams, or APTT. “It is me and the teacher, maybe my child, and I don’t hear about anyone else in the class.”

Event for Funders: Join us on September 28 for the third program in WRAG’s 2017 Public Education Learning Series, Curriculum: The Missing Ingredient in Education Reform, to learn how the focus on “basic skills” in education reform at the expense of social studies, science, and art at the elementary level can have devastating consequences as students progress through school. Register here.

– A District court has ruled that children of nonresident immigrants can access aid from the city’s college tuition fund. (WaPo, 6/16)

RACIAL EQUITY | Congratulations to WRAG’s president Tamara Copeland for being appointed as the Visiting Nielsen Fellow at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy! She, in partnership with Dr. Kathy Kretman, director of the Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership and research professor at the McCourt School, will explore the role of philanthropy in addressing racial equity in the DC region and co-teach a graduate seminar on philanthropy and racial justice.

PUBLIC SAFETY | Officials: 17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque (WaPo, 6/18)

ARTS & HUMANITIES| This Loudoun-based business sells art created by individuals with autism. (WaPo, 6/19)

AFFORDABLE HOUSINGWard 8 Residents Outraged by Low Funding for Housing and NEAR Act in $13.8 Billion Budget (Street Sense, 6/14)

GENTRIFICATIONAmerican University’s Metropolitan Policy Center and KTURE Institute are hosting an event, Urban Transformation: Metropolitan Development, Demographic Change & Gentrification, on June 24 to discuss the experience of gentrification and how community redevelopment can be pursued in an equitable manner. For more information click here.

A makeover for the Watergate Hotel on the 45th anniversary of the break-in.

– Kendra

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