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July 5, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

1 in 5 District residents name housing as the city’s biggest problem

AFFORDABLE HOUSING | According to a recent Washington Post poll, almost 20% of DC residents believe housing is the biggest problem in the city. Respondents mostly blame the shortage of affordable housing on the influx of new, wealthy residents and government inaction. (WaPo, 7/1)

The rise in D.C. housing costs has been stark, with the median home value tripling from $136,200 in 2000 to $484,000 last year, and rents rising in parallel.

While three-quarters of residents polled say wealthy newcomers are a major factor behind the dearth of affordable housing, 64 percent fault the District government for not spending enough to create and maintain that housing. The same percentage say the city government caters too much to the needs of developers. And 54 percent blame the city for not ensuring help for those who need housing assistance the most, while 30 percent say a major cause is people seeking housing aid they don’t need.

WORKFORCE | Capital One and Year Up have partnered to provide low-income young adults with internships to teach them how to succeed in the workforce. (Mashable, 6/21)

FOOD INSECURITYTo reach hungry children in the summer, these school cafeterias moved outside (WaPo, 6/29)

Virginia Can Start Needle Exchanges In Communities Hit By Opioid Abuse (WAMU, 7/3)

– Maryland has received federal funding to launch an initiative to reduce lead poisoning and asthma rates in relation to poor housing conditions. (Baltimore Sun, 6/29)

ELECTIOND.C., Maryland, And Virginia All Say No To Providing Trump Commission Voter Info (DCist, 7/3)

ENVIRONMENT | A DC federal appeals court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to comply with a new rule that requires oil and gas companies to monitor and reduce methane leaks. (WTOP, 7/4)

Find Waldo around DC this summer.

– Kendra

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