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July 31, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

How gentrification is helping Whitman-Walker Health

HEALTHCARE | Here’s a new story on gentrification in the District: Whitman-Walker, a health center specializing in HIV/AIDS care and LGBTQ care, has partnered with a developer to transform its Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center into a retail space and upscale apartments. (WaPo, 7/30)

“If you sell it, you get a big chunk of money, and that’s great, but it runs out,” said Naseema Shafi, deputy executive director of Whitman-Walker. “What we wanted to do is create something that has more financial longevity.”

Whitman-Walker will have a cultural community center on part of the ground floor and office space on the second floor of the new building. The six-story building will have retail space on the ground level and four floors of apartments consisting of 84 rental units, 18 of which will be below the market rate.

HOUSING AFFORDABILITYMontgomery County rejects incentives to build more affordable housing in Bethesda (GGWash, 7/28)

PHILANTHROPY | How do we make philanthropy more inclusive for LGBTQ people and people with disabilities? (PND Blog, 7/28)

– The District’s Summer Youth Employment Program recently expanded its age group to include up to 24-year-olds. Here’s how that has worked out so far. (WAMU, 7/28)

– DC advocates continue to push for Congress to let the city establish a regulated marijuana market. (NPR, 7/30)

– Why Residents of ‘Black ZIP Codes’ Can’t Breathe (Citylab, 7/28)

– A new report found that the District tops the list of US cities where the illegal elephant ivory market thrives. (National Geographic, 7/27)

CRIMINAL JUSTICEInmates Locked Up for Life as Teens Seek Relief in Virginia (NBC4, 7/31)

Apparently, there are tree climbing contests worldwide.

– Kendra 

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