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August 8, 2017 / Kendra Allen, Editor

The rising demand of identity recognition on college campuses

EDUCATION/DIVERSITY | University officials are reporting an increase, especially over the last year, of students demanding an official recognition of their identities, including race, sexual identity, class, and others, and for these identities to be supported by the institution. (NYT, 8/4)

Campuses that have prided themselves on increased diversity in admissions are now wrestling with students who want more control over the institutions they attend, including a say in hiring (even of visiting professors), housing (a theme house at the University of California, Santa Cruz, must be painted in Pan-African colors) and curriculum (among nearly 50 demands presented to the University of Chicago: the creation of courses on the Islamic golden age, sequences on Caribbean and Southeast Asian civilizations, and a required diversity/inclusion course).

– The pains of looking for a job as an older adult with no means of transportation and little computer experience. (WaPo, 8/7)

– Montgomery County council members and activists react to the new study released recently that analysed the potential impact of a minimum wage increase in the county. (Bethesda Beat, 8/4)

– Here are a few tips for millennials looking to buy a home, even with all that student loan debt and living expenses. (WaPo, 8/7)

– Suburban neighborhoods are still struggling after the Great Recession. Here’s how we can fix that (GGWash, 8/3)

ENVIRONMENT | The District wants to make composting available to all residents in five years. (WaPo, 8/7)

CRIMINAL JUSTICE | The criminal justice system has embraced plea bargaining. (Atlantic, 8/5)

ARTS & HUMANITIES | This DC immigration lawyer sings about the plight of immigrants in her own band. (WAMU, 8/7)

For those Disney lovers who need help naming their cats (or other pets)…

– Kendra

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